In collaboration with the AREA Institute and AA[n+1] gallery, The Computational Monkeys will be launching this year a pilot program of two-stages residencies in the city center of Paris for 3 young creatives in AEC, Design and Art. The aim is to offer straightforward support and resources to talented and ambitious students and young graduates at early stage by quickly tailoring support to the person and offering exposure to emulate early works and prototypes. Mainly aiming at advanced master students (with prior proven practical experience or in their final graduation year) and postmaster students, this initiative works in two stages upon selection.

A preliminary period of 6 months part-time (50%), similar to a studio internship framework, focuses on a single specific project proposed by the office with a clear tasks and delivery schedule. This critical period will help to assess skills and knowledge gaps and plan for personalised support during the second phase. Unlike traditional internships, the work produced is an explicit training and evolution towards a personal project. While giving time and efforts to the assigned project, the participant will develop within the office, a clear proposal of the personal idea to develop during the second phase.

The second phase is a 3 months full-time (100%) residency in a gallery were the participant will benefit from additional resources and an exhibition space to develop, produce and exhibit their own work. The participant will then be totally free to develop an idea which, by the end of the period, will be exhibited and promoted within our network of partners and support eventual further developments.

With such early initiatives, we will try to assess a better way to support and promote strong individual creatives.

Second phase projects are totally free, can be proposed directly in the application or could be defined during the first phase. Despite this call being open to any, applicants should consider a strong commitment to apply their knowledge and skills on expected deliveries and clear results. A good level of english is mandatory, application formats are free but should indicate in which preferred topic, mentioned below, they would like to participate during the first phase. Please note that this program does not offer jobs and does not intend to. Although it is possible to establish internship agreements with institutions and support for grants. The main idea remains simple but will be hopefully fruitful: you give some of your time and skills and we pay you back with exposure and support!


  • - phase 1: 6 months (50%), From Oct. to Mar. inc.
  • - phase 2: 3 months (100%) From May to Jul. inc.


  • - phase 1: 6 months (50%), From Feb. to Jul. inc.
  • - phase 2: 3 months (100%) From Sep. to Nov. inc.


  • - phase 1: 6 months (50%), From Jun. to Nov. inc.
  • - phase 2: 3 months (100%) From Jan. to Mar. inc.

Applications should consider skills and interests in the following topics, specially regarding the first phase: PRODUCT AND MATERIAL DESIGN IN PHYSIOLOGICAL COMPUTING, ART AND DESIGN PRODUCTION, END-EFFECTORS DESIGN FOR ROBOTIC FABRICATION.

Please send your application as a downloadable link ( wetransfer, dropbox or other) through the Contact Form with the topic : “Residency Pilot Program."